Sep 20, 2011

Where to Enjoy Golden Osmanthus in Autumn

Osmanthus, in Chinese, Guihua, is in full bloom in these days in China, the clear fragrance can be smelled from afar. In China, osmanthus bears propitious meaning, widely popular in China. In autumn, esp, when the golden osmanthus in full bloom, numerous tourists would pour into parks to enjoy the wonderful view and fragrance.

Here are several recommended sites well-known in China to enjoy osmanthus:
1. the Summer Palace: I guess you must have known it before, it is a famous tourist site in Beijing;

2. Suzhou Osmanthus Park: as the name suggested that, the highlights of the park lie in its large-scale osmanthus;

3. Shanghai Grand View Garden: as a photography site of A Dream in Red Mansion, the views here are beyond words; and the golden osmanthus is always one of the most widely-accepted site here;

4. Hangzhou Manjuelong: compared with those sites listed above, this one is a little less familiar to you, it is a small valley in Hangzhou, south of the West Lake. The views of osmanthus flourishing here can be described as "the whole Manlong is rain osmanthus";

5. Chengdu Xindu Guihu Park: noted for its wide variety in osmanthus, the golden osmanthus and the silver ones are the most well-known ones.

It is a pity that I cannot share with such fragrance with my words. If you were able to smell such fragrance......